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Virtual Reality (VR) has become quite the hype the past few years. This is due to popular hardware such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Because of this we are seeing more and more productions using this technology. Apart from applications in gaming we are also realizing the potential for simulation and training with serious games. As a result, VR allows us to experience and interact with realistic and fictional worlds while in a safe environment.

Because of the potential to measure and review the exact performance of the user, it holds so much potential for a wide variety of professional applications. Whether you are visualizing your latest product, imagining the end-result of your construction project, or envisioning your new work environment, our experts can help you achieve the ultimate VR presentation.

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Want to know more about VR?

What is a VR?

The definition of VR comes from the combination of the words “virtual” and “Reality”. Virtual refers to ‘computer generated’ and Reality is used to describe what we experience around us. As a result of combining these two words you get a computer generated reality that can be experienced in full immersion. This virtual reality can often feel very lifelike for users. We use VR to escape into an alternate reality that is different from the world around us. The virtual world provides the feeling of being present in the physical world that is being displayed.

How does VR work?

VR uses computing devices such as pc and mobile devices to simulate an alternate reality. A VR device consists of several high-quality displays that are close to the eyes. There are also two adjustable lenses within the device. The combination of these two allow for high quality and crystal clear images. VR devices project high-quality images directly through the lenses into the eyes of the users. As a result of these high-quality displays projecting close to the eye, a clear image is displayed to the user. Enhancing the feeling of being present in the virtual world as well as reducing the chance of nausea.

Rather than having static images, the VR devices use tracking to display the images correctly to the user. While most devices use head tracking, there are other devices that provide additional positional tracking. As a result of the positional tracking it is possible to move within the real world and simultaneously move within the Virtual world as well. Allowing to walk within a confined space and interacting with objects using the provided controllers.

How can we use it?

VR can be perfectly combined with serious games to provide an effective way of training your employees. As a result of the high level of realism and quality, employees experience the world as if they are in it.

The added benefit of using VR for training rather than using traditional training is the room for error. When training with VR it is possible to try certain approaches and see what happens. As a result of making mistakes the consequences become clear and the impact of those choices is demonstrated. Above all the VR environment creates a safe space for employees to train in. Especially when employees have to work in dangerous work environments, it is of critical importance that they are trained accordingly. The transition from real world training to virtual training allows them to be prepared for all kinds of situations, without the change of actually getting injured.

VR Devices

Low cost devices

There are several VR devices that can be used to achieve the virtual reality. First of all, there are low tier VR devices that only use your mobile phone. These devices use the computing power of your mobile phone that you slide into a holder. The Gear VR or the Google Cardboard are very good examples of low tier devices. Because a mobile phone is used rather than a pc, these devices are portable and provide a VR experience on the go.


Another way of achieving VR is with the use of the Oculus rift. This device uses a virtual reality headset and a computer to achieve the VR experience. This device is used to be played behind a computer and often provides a sitting experience. The users experience the VR environment and can interact with it in some way, however the interaction is limited. Although they have released their own input touch devices to mimic hand interaction within the virtual world.

HTC vive

Finally, there is the HTC Vive complete package. This device provides a full room size experience with full 3d movement tracking of the user. The headset connects to the computer and the set has 2 input devices that can be used as an extension of the hands. Interaction with these devices feels very convincing as you can realistically pickup objects within the virtual world.

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