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What we do

Building your ideas in the shape of innovative augmented reality, extended reality and virtual reality applications. We are always curious, especially towards new technologies and how to combine these with design. We transfer the power of passion for technology to improve the world around us. Doesn’t sound too bad right? An all-round development team with a focus to improving society. You will find this focus in the products we make, from simulations in which firefighters train, to an app for the wellbeing of people. Everybody can be themselves at Apollo as you have the creativity and space to make your idea into a reality.

Into the depths

We have an integral way of working together, our project groups are comprised out of every necessary discipline to tackle your challenge. We have everything from programmers, designers to consultants. Together, with you as our client, we are one team, and it is your idea that we must make ours. By using tight communication, we will be able to find an innovative solution. Therefore, we will go into depth to find the right technologies. Maybe we have created a piece of software in the past which we can implement into your product or there might be a smarter application of an existing technology that you haven’t thought of yet. This is how deep we go, we don’t call ourselves curious passionate techies for nothing.

Team Apollo Journey
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From space

We work together with every layer of your company to get a good grasp on your challenge. You, as a client, will send a representative which will be actively involved in the development. We will also create a group of experts, which can come out of your own company or may be found in the same industry. This is how we will guarantee that the chosen solution will hit its target. Normally we take a step back to look at the challenge from space because we need to create a good base before we can launch. Together is in this component our keyword. We are proud of this!

Launch after launch

When we have finished the first version of your product we will celebrate greatly! It is of course a huge accomplishment which we have created together, but the work doesn’t stop at the initial launch, when this rocket is airborne you will have to steer it. That’s how it works with technology, you will always have to adjust and change by using feedback of the user. Multiple launches will have to be done to come to your final product. This will never be an issue, because with you in our team, we cannot fail. A long term and durable cooperative relationship are what we strive for.

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