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Extended Reality


True to life emergency training simulations.
Anywhere, Anytime.

Het bedrijf

Flashgroup levert XR-oplossingen voor hulpdiensten. Hun producten integreren apparatuur uit de echte wereld, multiplayer-simulaties, draagbare plug-and-play-systemen en aangepaste inhoud voor uw land, allemaal met als doel de efficiëntie en veiligheid van noodhulp te verbeteren.


Flashover guides you through the extinguishing process step-by-step and lets you explore all the hazards of fire fighting at its core.


Flashpoint guides you through the process of de-escalation and lets you explore the hazards and complexity of violent scenarios at its core.


Flashaid provides ambulance and first responders with a fully simulated environment to train first aid techniques and triage on multiple victims.

Plug & Play

Our complete training system in a robust, portable case, designed for convenience and mobility. This case contains everything you need to start your training session – the VR headset, computers, touchscreen, WIFI, software and replicas of your equipment.

Turn any space into a training ground in a matter of minutes.

Replica’s van hun
Professionele uitrusting

Our solution contains the equipment used in real-world situations, to create a higher level of immersion and authenticity.

It’s a practical, hands-on experience that prepares our users for the realities they face.

Operator Module

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Lesson Module

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