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Realize your idea with custom VR & AR solutions. At Apollo Journey, we explore the endless possibilities of innovative technology and design together. In our non-binding Launch Talk, we explore your idea for custom VR & AR solutions together so that we can push the boundaries of our technological applications. Creating an AR or VR application is not something you do in a snap, so it’s important to explore the possibilities together. This way, we make your idea a reality together.

If you want to check out one of our successful VR trainings, you can visit the Flashover website, where firefighters are prepared for their work with Virtual Reality.

Why have a Launch Talk?

  • Your idea is technically complex but has real added value to your company.

  • You have looked at our services and thought to yourself; this is exactly what I need.

  • You have received an abundance of way too expensive offers for simple apps but are convinced it can be done in a different way.

  • You want to combine technology, design and want to push boundaries.

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Get started together in 3 easy steps!

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We will call you briefly for a first impression and introduction. In this call we can talk about which services are the best fit and your time frame for completion. After this, we can make a date and agree on a moment to explore this further.

Launch Talk

We will listen but will also ask critical questions as this will help us to work towards a great product. Topics such as technologies, partners and budget will be discussed in depth.

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Team meeting

Launch Plan

By using the launch meet as a base we will create a launch plan, therefore, you will know exactly what you are getting. Our method shines through in this, working in an integral way together with you to build a fitting product. This offer will give you a first indication so we can make your idea into reality.

Critical View

We will ask each other critical questions to get to the core of your idea. This is the only way we can determine what needs to happen to make your idea a reality. We will never bash your idea, but we will always go one step further to find out what you truly need.

Integral Team

We never join the table without the necessary knowledge. A project leader, a technical whiz and a designer will be there to listen and think. It is important to look at this from multiple perspectives. This holds the key for a successful working relationship and launch.

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