The Idea

The supermarkted Lidl is running a campaign from the start of February that is called “Jungle Mini’s”. The loyalty agency Craze has asked to develop a smartphone application for kids to provide them the possibility to collect mini figurine’s.


Craze & Lidl Netherlands


Customer loyalty. Customers collect stuffed animals by spending  money at the supermarket. This game gives an extra dimension by unlocking minigames with the stuffed animals.


User Experience Design, Game Development, Smartphone Application development

Launched product

The Lidl Jungle Mini’s application containing multiple minigames with animals like Sabrina Snake, Jaap monkey, Thijs Tiger, and other animalfriends for the little customers.


The challenge was to create a multiplatform application containing 10 minigames in short timeframe. We also had to ensure that the application was used frequently by adding some kind of score-system in the application. Ensuring people will try to get a higher score.

How does it work?

In the application you scan a QR code. This QR code is attached to the jungle mini stuffed animals. When this QR code is scanned it unlocks a minigame about the stuffed animal. Every game is uniquely created and illustrated specifically for that animal. If one particular animal is not getting enough attention it turns sad and less healthy.

Lidl Jungle Minis

Appstore description

Welcome to the Jungle world of the jungleMini’s! Collect all 10 of them at Lidl, Scan the QR code on the tag and bring all of the jungleMini’s to life!

Enjoy 10 Awesome JungleMini’s games and compare your score with your close friends.