Serious Games

Gaming has entered our lives in many ways. And there is a simple explanation for this: everybody loves games! While using games, people are motivated, exited and remain concentrated. As a result, people challenge themselves with all kinds of tasks the game confronts them with. This is of course a great tool if used correctly. With the current rush of ‘serious games’ we are finally getting to know the true value of using games in a business setting. By using games for marketing and training purposes, we can massively increase your customer’s engagement. As a result, you retain, inspire and convince employees and stakeholders without any effort!

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Want to know more about Serious Gaming?

We would like to tell you all about the possibilities of Serious Games!

What are Serious games?

“Serious games” is a term used to describe games that have been created as part of a training rather than having been created for fun. These serious games incorporate different techniques and methods to simulate and train your employees. Metrics are used to extract information from these games directly, those metrics can be used to determine score and performance, which allow the ranking of employees and allow accurate training and feedback.

How does it work?

Serious games use multiple different techniques to train employees and inspire your customers. The techniques we incorporate in our creations are very similar to the once you find in any commercial video game. The main key is to access the intrinsic motivation of the player. It is possible to use Virtual Reality, Augmented reality as well as App Development within this process, providing the player with a great experience. At Apollo we encourage co-creation and together we will explore the best solutions for challenge at hand.

Serious gaming
3D visualisation

How can we use it?

Serious games can be used as part of a training course. Virtual reality can be used to mimic the tasks of the employee as close as possible to provide an accurate training. With the use of input devices like controllers or cameras it is possible to mimic the hand movement and input of the employees. This can be used within your business to provide accurate training as part of a complete package. Extracting metrics and providing feedback all while allowing your employees to make mistakes and notice what happens. Allowing people to make mistakes ensures the consequences are clear, all while maintaining the safety because of training in a confined space.