Project Description


Every athlete needs to closely look at the way they perform. It is the only way to really observe what could be improved and how the be the best in what you do. Winnercam is an application that can record your performance and directly store it online for you and your coach to see. This is all done using a high-quality NFC bracelet. Together with your coach you analyze the video and immediately improve and rerecord the performance.

This easy to use application can greatly improve your performance as well as keeping track of the overall activities. Just snap the NFC Bracelet against the phone to start recording and swing, dive or jump directly into the sport exercise. Record up to 240 fps and watch them back in slowmotion or frame by frame. Add tags after the recording is done and watch the video on your phone or from the online vault at the end of the performance directly. Improving and analyzing has never been so easy!

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Relevant stats

Teamsize: 2 people

Duration: Ongoing

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Adobe