Project Description

PCH Dienstengroep | Satisfaction and Quality of Life

PCH wants to offer the building user guaranteed satisfaction and quality of life in their work environment. Now and in the future! PCH provides advice for design and exploitation based on user information. They focus on the users at all times and PCH wants to guarantee their satisfaction in their new working environment. And that is why they are in full development of a new concept: VWX. The core-philosophy of VWX is based on functional and emotional user quality. That is why it is very important to make as many ‘first time right’ choices as possible. This contributes directly to user satisfaction, but also to the minimization of failure costs.

VWX is based on incredible amounts of user data. This data is collected and processed daily by PCH and its chain partners. The integrated platform is becoming increasingly rich in data and this way PCH is able to provide better advice to current and new clients and colleagues in the chain (design and realization). PCH is capable, on the basis of real-time data and its learning ability, to give appropriate advice and to guarantee user satisfaction, quality of life and optimization in the total building cycle. This way they add value to work, living and mobility.

Here you can see the story of VWX which we have visualized for PCH through animation.


Teamsize: 1 person

Development time: 2 weeks


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects