Project Description

Together with VRES we are working on achieving the digital reality of equestrian sport. As a result of smart connections with hardware and software we enclose valuable knowledge about the equestrian sport for everyone to use. VRES aims to provide a new way of learning for those who want to become masters of the art of dressage.

This is achieved by simulating a wide variety of dressage tests in different difficulty levels. Students of the equestrian sport are now able to learn the ins and outs of dressage using an amazing looking application. The application allows people to choose the type of tests the rider and horse will perform. Different camera positions can then be chosen by the player. Finally a digital performance can be made entirely from within the application.

As a result of digitalizing the dressage tests it is possible to create value in multiple ways while achieving digital innovation along the way. We use technology to teach students how the performance should look, and where they are deviating from the desired path.

In the future, this application can be used as part of a competition by the judges to efficiently judge and provide marks for the performance. Meanwhile this application still presents the performance in a very visual way to the viewers.

The newest technology from within the gaming industry allows us to use high quality animation. By using this software it is possible to achieve a significant level of detail and realism on how the performance should look.

Here at Apollo we like to combine the best of the available technology all while achieving value for the clients. Want to achieve digital innovation yourself? Contact us directly

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 5 people

Duration: Ongoing

Software used:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Maya