Project Description

Gallop on the path to succes.

VRES their goal? Teaching everyone how to ride a horse. Together with them we have worked on a digital version of equestrianism. This is done with smart connections to hardware and software and a lot of knowledge about the sport. To sum it up: everything you need to become a master of the art of dressage.

Using a wide variety of dressage tests within a difficulty curve students will be able to learn the ins and outs of dressage. Of course, all done within a slick looking application, which allows people to choose the type of tests which the rider (and horse) will perform. A digital performance can be made entirely from within the application.

Digitalisation of the dressage tests creates value in a plethora of ways. It creates an uniform look of what the performance should look like and where they are deviating from the desired path. This app can also be used by judges for review, and thus providing marks. Viewers will be able to see the performance in a stunning visual format.

This combination between gaming industry standars and traditional knowledge will show you stunning high quality animations, which will blow your mind.

Here at Apollo we like to combine the best of the available technology all while achieving value for the clients. Want to achieve digital innovation yourself? Contact us directly

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 5 people

Duration: Ongoing

Software used:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Maya