Project Description

Rijkswaterstaat showcase (kijkdoos)

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, Business Unit Natuurlijk Kapitaal (BUNK), we created a virtual showcase of BUNK’s activities. BUNK is working within Rijkswaterstaat to research and create sustainable solutions. The solutions which they develop are all made from the materials harvested from the dutch highway system. Using the virtual showcase, BUNK can inform business partners and colleagues on their activities and developments. As a result of the video being rendered in 360-degrees, viewers are able to experience the creation in virtual reality and on YouTube.

We used a low polygon style for the 3d models as this suited the client graphical style best. As BUNK already had a video on their homepage which used the low poly style we felt obliged to continue this amazing art style. As a result of cleverly purchasing premade assets rather than creating them ourselves, we were able to create the entire scene for very low costs! Consequently, the entire scene shows a lot of visual quality and we could spend our energy in custom assets. Because of our very close collaboration with BUNK we were able to include their star pieces. Almost every product that BUNK is working on can be seen in this great piece of visual animation.

Using 3d visualisation to our aid we provided BUNK with a creation that they can use to show the future of a more sustainable Rijkswaterstaat.

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 2 people

Duration: 2 months

Software used:

  • Unreal
  • Maya