Project Description

Rijkswaterstaat Platform

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, Business Unit Natuurlijk Kapitaal (BUNK), we started the creation of a product and project platform. BUNK is working within Rijkswaterstaat to research and create sustainable solutions. The solutions that they develop are all made from the materials harvested from the Dutch highways. Using the platform, BUNK can inform business partners and colleagues about their activities and developments. To make the website easy to maintain, we have developed it using the WordPress platform. Everything is completely tailor made to ensure that updating and adding projects and products is as user-friendly as possible

We provided BUNK with a place to promote their projects and products. With the creation of this platform, we are enabling the possibility for BUNK to expand with interactivity in the future. Several ideas have already emerged during brainstorming that can be applied to the platform. It is possible to add the use App development or serious games instead of simple images. Using the WordPress back-end is easy as pie. It also provides room for all kinds of different media for the client to display. As a result of this it is possible for the client to use the 360 video showcase in the pages directly. Finally, we expanded the platform with the possibility of displaying virtual reality and YouTube videos.

With a lot of love and joy we have worked together with BUNK and created a place where they can show their vision of a sustainable Rijkswaterstaat.

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 2 people

Duration: ongoing

Software used:

  • WordPress
  • Adobe