Project Description

Rabobank Digital Journey

Creating A Happy Home, Together!

As one of the Netherlands’ leading banks, Rabobank is continuously looking for new ways to raise awareness for their brand. A large chunk of Rabobank’s activities is in mortgaging, which is a highly competitive market. In order to improve customer loyalty between Rabobank’s mortgage advisors and their customers, Rabobank has asked Apollo to contribute in the form of a mobile application. Said application aims to increase social connections through communication and call registration, which in turn helps mortgage advisors in their quest to advise their clients in a personal and social way. This project has given birth to a prototype application for Rabobank Breda so they could run tests. May a lot of new home owners come of this beautiful project!

This application had to be able to increase the social factor through proper communication channels and call registration. This makes the mortgage advisers better able to advise clients in a personal way, quickly. As a result of the project, a prototype application was delivered with which Rabobank Breda mortgage advisers could get started. We hope for good results from this pilot and many happy faces from the new house owners!

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 2 people

Duration: 2 months

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Adobe