Project Description

KPN Cardgame

What’s in the cards for us today?

We created this card game together with KPN (one of the leading Telecom providers of the Netherlands. Focussed on a day in the life of a KPN employee you are tasked to manage this persons day as efficiently as possible. Your goal? Keeping as much time on the clock as possible, everybody loves more time right?

This game was created for touchscreen interfaces, like huge touchscreen tables. It gave it the possibility to have it at big events, which resulted in positive players and a very satisfied client in KPN.

This mini-game is just one of the many possibilities within serious gaming, in which we foresee Augmented and Virtual reality taking over.The game was created for a touchscreen device and therefore could be used as a tabletop game. The game was on display at a big KPN event and received lots of positive feedback and resulted in a very satisfied client.

This mini-game was a fun little spin within the spectrum of serious gaming. As digital table top games are becoming way more popular with the arrival or augmented reality and mixed reality we expect to see a lot more of it in the future.

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 2 people

Duration: 2 weeks

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Adobe