Project Description

Heerema Skill Games

Test You Skills!

In 2013 Heerema Marine Contractors came to us with a challenge. They asked if we would be able to create three promotional games for the Christening of their new Aegir Vessel, within a time span of only 6 weeks. The Aegir is HMC’s new deep-water construction vessel. Our international team went to work and was able to deliver a stunning Experience. The Heerema Skill Games were a smashing success at the event on the 20th and 21st of September.

The game features three games:

* Pipe game: Kilometers under sea level Heerema works to line up piping in deep sea drilling fields. How quickly can you find the right path and connect oil, water and gas pumps that make up this complex installation?

* Towing game: Heerema has to ship jackets, topsides and other heavy loads over narrow rivers, from the shipyard to open sea and the other way around. How quickly can you tow Heerema’s precious cargo along the river while avoiding obstacles?

* Crane game: In a wide range of weather conditions, Heerema has to lift topsides and other heavy loads from one barge to another. See how quickly you can transfer the cargo, but remember to put it down gently to avoid damage!


* 3 games with a highly diverse gameplay experience (12 levels in total).
* Experience what it is like to be an engineer toiling in the offshore industry.
* Lift heavy materials with authentic ships like the Thialf and the Aegir.
* Solve mind-boggling pipeline puzzles at the bottom of the sea.
* Beat your friends in the online high scores.

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 4 people

Duration: 3 weeks

Software used:

  • Ruby
  • Adobe