Project Description

EASI | Easily accessible Substance Information

Locating Chemicals EASI-ly

EASI is an online platform designed to make the work of emergency services more streamlined and safe. This is done by mapping out dangerous chemicals in the direct vicinity of a situation.

This information can, in turn be used during emergency situations to more effectively choose a course of action. Thus ensuring that the approach fits the circumstances of the incident. As a result, the possibility to strongly improve the health and safety of emergency service workers and civilians, as well as greatly decrease environmental pollution.

Companies can quickly and easily register their stock including the important information. The platform features a database of over 12.000 chemicals that have the required information such as the “gevaar etiket”, the GEVI and UN codes. The system is automatically filled for the user when they pick a chemical to add to their stock, making it much more EASI for the fire department to access the information they need when catastrophe strikes.

For organisations that hold great quantities of chemicals, an option was required to add these in bulk (such as uploading a CSV file that holds their stock). The business owner has the the power to visually place where these chemicals are located on the map of their building, and how much is stored at each of these locations.

To keep privacy secure, this information can be locked and hidden and can only be consulted in an emergency situation in the direct vicinity. The company is immediately notified whenever their information has been accessed by the fire department.

For emergency services this information is clear and intuitively accessible through the cloud. This is to give them access to all needed information while they are en route to the situation, using a tablet.

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 6 People

Duration: Ongoing

Software used:

  • PHP
  • Adobe