Project Description


Fast, Circular and Creative.

Circular Valley (now called C-Beta) is a company that strives for a circular economy. C-Beta focuses on environmental design and the methods of creating social cohesion between the various parties within the Valley. This resulted in a major development plan which we will probably hear a lot more of in the coming years.

To promote the concept plans and find the right investors, C-Beta organized an event. In just two weeks, we created a virtual reality view of the circular economy they were working on.

Even while working with a large external team we managed to go trough the multiple important phases of development. First of all, we started with concepting as this had to be done in a short time frame. After which we continued with a small brainstorming session, and as a result started development. Finally, we delivered a proof of concept to the client for them to use and display their circular economy plans.

This entire development cycle was done within a time frame of two weeks. A lot of artistic freedom was provided by the client if it stayed within the theme and style of their circular framework. And as a result, we were able to achieve a high development pace rather than having to wait for the client to approve every asset or style.

At first the demo was available in Unity for use with the Oculus rift, however the client requested the demo to be more portable because they wanted to show it to more people. Therefore, the application was also transformed it into a 360 video to be used with the Samsung Gear VR.

Even more motivation.

Working in a circular economy, they try to be lean in their development, motivate people to work together and encourage different discipline to communicate and cooperate. Above all they try to create a circular state where everyone uses their expertise to assist and collaborate with others. Achieving the best possible result in every way, while efficiently using the resources available. This seems like it is the future of working together and as a result be more productive!

Relevant stats

Teamsize: 6 people

Duration: 2 weeks

Software used:

  • Unity
  • Maya