Ah our early 20’s when you get the hang of being an adult, when your social life is booming and when you go on to have the best nights of your life.

But what constitutes as a great night out? Is it the music? Might it be the people surrounding you? Can it even be some interactive elements? It has to be a combination of those things right? Things sure have changed since I was in my early 20’s. When electronic music raged the dancehalls and when dancing and drinking reigned supreme. The ear and the mouth were pleased, but the eyes? They desired something new. Enter interactive displays.

You might have seen Heinekens interactive bar. The entire bar is a touchscreen, which enables people to leave messages for each other on ‘beer mats’ (those are in turn just digital entities inside a screen).

Another great new innovation is an interactive dance floor. This looks like a throwback to the 70s with its disco vibe but don’t be fooled. The specially created floor has the ability to change to whatever you project on it. It can even track your movement which can in turn create stunning visuals

Festivals like Tomorrowland have set up a bracelet system in which they embedded a RFID chip. With this chip you can more easily enter the festival site, and therefore the personal can track the visitor count for safety reasons. You can also hook this up to your Facebook profile so you can create friends the fun way. Just press a button and you become friends online.


Lastly we return to Heineken. It’s a little less high tech but still a great idea. They created a bottle which lights up when you clink them together. You can light up an entire room just by touching beer bottles.

The ideas are endless, and don’t worry. Your thirties might just be better than your twenties.

Let’s talk again soon,