Hologram Creation

One of the most amazing new developments within Marketing and Communication hardware, the hologram! With the use of a hologram it is possible to display objects and visualisations in a new innovative way for your clients. This will allow you to experience and interact with objects in a way you have never done before. Rather than just showing images in a video or powerpoint, you can now fully interact with any type of object. This solutions has proved to be an amazing addition to events, as holograms are viewed by many people at once. You will be able to wow an entire crowd and stun the event visitors with this new way of visualisation!

Want to know more about Holograms?

We would like to tell you all about the possibilities of Holograms!

What is a hologram?

Holography is the science and practice of making holograms. A hologram is a recording of a light field rather that of an image formed by a lens. We use this to display a fully three-dimensional representation of the holographic object. As a result, it is possible to see the representation without the aid of special glasses. This is different from Virtual reality where glasses are required.

How does it work?

A hologram uses different light waves from different positions that reach your eyes at the same time. While theses waves reach your eyes, they collide at certain positions. At some of those positions the lights cancel each other out while at some other positions they enhance each other. Due to the positioning of the multiple images that are merged into each other the viewer experiences it as a hologram.

Another method for holographic projection is the display of an image reflection on glass. This method is actually considered a holographic illusion as it projects on a flat surface and not fully three-dimensional. This method is now more widely used as this solution is very low in costs compared the previously mentioned option. To learn more about these devices we invite you to visit our partner Mixed Reality Group.

How can we use it?

By using different types of holographic devices, it is possible to experience it yourself. There are a lot of devices that simulate holograms, and these devices come in different price ranges. Together with our partner Mixed Reality Group we are creating holograms using specially designed holographic devices from Realfiction. The Dreamoc series and Deepframe are device that use mirrors and lasers to create an amazing holographic effect.

You are able to display these holograms from within your commercial business and can for example be used to display products. This allows your clients to experience the products in ways they never thought were possible.

There are even small devices that allow you to transform your own mobile phone in a holographic device. It uses pieces of plastic sheet and a video with 4 sections to display a small hologram. There are a lot of handy video’s available on youtube if you want to try it out at home.