App development

The rapid introduction of app development while using new digital innovations is disrupting industries on a worldwide scale. As a result allowing smaller, newer players to establish massive market shares and overtake established companies. Apollo Journey can help you adopt these disruptive technologies and as a result increase your market share and realise massive efficiency gains. All this while staying light years ahead of the competition. We have a team of expert app developers and user experience designers which are eager to hear about your ideas, and above all put your innovation into practice. You will never have to deal with clumsy and ill-fitting off-the-shelf software, because you can have an amazing digital solution tailor-made to perfectly fit your organisation’s needs.

Ranging from app development to web development, Apollo can discover and create the innovation that suits your challenge. We always aim to provide you with the solution which suits your challenge best.

By combining app development with VR or AR we can create powerful solutions that assist you in the best way possible. When working with Apollo we do not only provide solutions that suit you business best, we also invite you to be part of the app development team and create together!

Want to know more about App Development?

We would like to tell you all about the possibilities of App Development!

What is app development?

App development is a term used to combine the development of useful software, including the creation of web applications and pc applications, with the use of app development Apollo tries to solve the challenges presented by our partners. Apollo’s experts have worked with multiple software and hardware in the past in order to provide efficient solutions. Our aim is to provide a digital solution that suits the challenge by cleverly addressing the challenge with the correct solution, and ensuring the budget is used effectively.

How does app development work?

Development of Apps can work in many different ways, this is because it all depends on the challenge ahead. With the combination of app and web development, complete solutions can be provided. Working with platform independent engines like Unity is a useful way to provide solutions which will work on iOS, android and PC. These solutions can be developed from within this engine

Development of Web applications means the creation of web related content that can solve your needs on an online platform. Interactive web applications provide a digital online solution. Often these two solutions will be combined to create a powerful and manageable solution that uses the best of both technologies. Combining these systems to create effective backends with a visually strong application.

How can we use it?

App development can be used to create perfect solutions for the challenges within your business. Apollo can provide a wide range of solutions that suit the challenge best. Ranging from applications to configure a vessel for Damen to an application to manage and display information for BBraun medical equipment. The solution depends on what you are trying to achieve. Because of this, Apollo likes to start off with a conceptual journey together. During this conceptual journey we discuss and describe the challenges and provide different solutions to choose from. This conceptual journey is a good way to cost efficiently provide solutions before starting the rest of the journey together.