We have arrived at our new home! As of this month, Apollo Journey will be located in one of the most amazing office spaces in Breda. A  church known as the ‘Annastede’. We are very proud to be the new resident of this amazing building and will gladly share this experience with you.

The Annastede

Similar to hundreds of churches in the Netherlands, the neo-Gothic Sint Anna Church (1905, architect Joseph Cuypers) received a total makeover in 2002. The renovation during the time as a church, by Ernst Havermans / Oomen Architects, was quite special. A glass box has been placed separate from the facade, on its own construction of poles. Upon entering (‘This is the house of God, the door of Heaven’) a sea of space becomes visible, with a view of large glass offices spaces. A true sight to behold.

It will be our pleasure to receive you as our guest in our new home. Feel free to contact us and get a tour of the new Apollo HQ.