Today we are honored to celebrate a full year of Apollo Journey. Just a year ago we started this adventure from our old home (IC3D Media/Knowingo) together with 5 amazing colleagues, a few valuable partners and an idea. We wanted to prove that there is so much more to digital innovation then most organizations realize. The past years we have worked day and night to show that could be achieved if everyone, the clients, our partners and our team, worked together as one.

A lot has happened in the past year. We are very proud of all the things that we achieved together with our partners and clients. We very much like to share some of the highlights.

Technological Excellence.

Over the past year we have invested and experimented with lots of different technology. Our latest addition is a brand-new hologram table that one of our partners has provided to us. This hologram table could be improved with interactivity with use of the hardware such as the Leap Motion and speech recognition software. Keeping up with the newest technology allows us the bests tools for the job and great judgement on which innovation suits the challenge best.

New base of operations.

We arrived at our new home. Starting from the beginning of January we were in, what we believe, to be the most beautiful office in Breda. The Annastede church. We are still very proud to call the Annastede our office. With the use of our meeting room, the baptistery, we are able to provide a very inspirational place for our guests that join us in our innovative Journey together.


The moon was definitely reached during our first Apollo Moonday. What an incredible event were we able to achieve together. Everyone was able to enjoy some interesting VR games as well as some stories of our speakers. Ranging from blockchains to signs made of grass, there were interesting topics for everyone. It was overwhelming to see the interactions between the visitors. And this was all just the first edition, with much more editions to come.

Big steps ahead.

While a lot was achieved during this first year, the future will always remain our point of focus. Starting from this Monday we will welcome some young experts to the Apollo team! They will introduce themselves somewhere next week. Finally, as some of you may have noticed we are trying to improve our online presence. Displaying portfolio pieces, share interesting content and writing blogs are a big part of this. If you have any feedback for us feel free to provide us with tips.

Together with our partners we want to change the future of innovation. Steady growth with clear goals help us prepare and invest in the future.


Apollo Journey, Discover together!